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I. Introduction:

\(\bullet\) The IEEE 300 Bus Test Case was developed by the IEEE Test Systems Task Force under the direction of Mike Adibi in 1993. The IEEE Common Data Format version was obtained from Fernando Alvarado at the University of Wisconsin. The PTI format version was provided courtesy of Joan Staron of PTI.
\(\bullet\) This IEEE 300-bus system contains 69 generators, 60 LTCs, 304 transmission lines, and 195 loads.

II. Single-Line Diagram:

\(\bullet\) The original diagram is available in III.

III. Files:

\(\bullet\) Original Diagram (600dpi, TIFF Format) [Download]
\(\bullet\) IEEE Common Data Format (CDF Format) [Download]
\(\bullet\) Data in PTI Format (PTI Format) [Download]
\(\bullet\) Extended Information A (PDF & TEXT Formats "Russian Language") [Download]
\(\bullet\) Extended Information B (PDF & MATPOWER Formats) [Download]
\(\bullet\) PowerWorld Simulator [Download]
\(\bullet\) MATPOWER [Download]

IV. References:

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