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I. Introduction:

\(\bullet\) This 37 Bus Test Case is taken from the text book of Glover et al. [1].
\(\bullet\) It is constructed with three different voltage levels (69 kV, 138 kV and 345 kV), and the system is modeled in per unit.
\(\bullet\) All the required data are available in III.
\(\bullet\) The system summary is as follows:

II. Single-Line Diagram:

\(\bullet\) The single-line diagrams of the proposed system - as taken from PowerWorld Simulator (under editing and contouring modes) - are shown below:

III. Files:

\(\bullet\) Full System Data (Excel CSV Format)  [Download]
\(\bullet\) Solution Details (TEXT, M-File and Excel CSV Formats) [Download]
\(\bullet\) PowerWorld Simulator (v. 18) [Download]

IV. References:

[1] J. D. Glover, M. S. Sarma, and T. J. Overbye, Power System Analysis and Design, 5th ed. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning, 2012.

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