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I. Introduction:

\(\bullet\) This is the second 7 Bus Test Case that is taken from the text book of Glover et al. [1]. It is given as a design project to the students.
\(\bullet\) It is modeled under \(S_{base}=100 \ \text{MVA} \ (3\phi)\) and \(V_{base}=13.8 \ \text{kV}\) (line-to-line "in the zone of \(G_1\)"), and bus 1 is considered as a swing bus.
\(\bullet\) The required system data is as follows:

II. Single-Line Diagram:

\(\bullet\) The single-line diagram of the proposed system - as taken from the book - is shown below:

III. Files:

No file available yet...

IV. References:

[1] J. D. Glover, M. S. Sarma, and T. J. Overbye, Power System Analysis and Design, 5th ed. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning, 2012.

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