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This is my virtual corner that I can set and communicate with you; and of course, sharing the ideas and research interests.

Yes, still, there are many sections need to be either created or updated with more information and hence expanding their database. But, as we know, the journey starts with one tiny step…

There are many reasons to build this website:

·       One of the human greats (Imam Ali, A. S.) said: “the alms of the knowledge is to spread it.” .. This is what we should commit and abide by it! If we can provide or distribute the acknowledgement by some effective tools, like websites, then why should we stop?! 

·       Based on my browsing experience, the lifespan of the available information on the internet world cannot be predicted. Many very good websites that contains huge useful information have been lost in last few years, immediately without any notice! Such these actions happen due to many directly and indirectly related reasons and factors.

·       Regarding the available library in this website (test cases, benchmark functions, etc): actually, they are dispersed in many different locations (websites, books, conference and journal papers, technical reports, essays and articles, theses and dissertations, commercial and non-commercial software, etc). Actually, all the authors/writers of these resources made great job; and of course, all the information in this website are proper cited to their origins. But, I think, this is my attempt to collect all of these information in one well organized website. This will save huge time for all the researchers, which is one of my main objectives for building this website.

·       I have many accumulated skills that provide me the power and ability to do the assigned task correctly and perfectly, like: managing CMS-based websites, MathWorks MATLAB, ETAP, DigSILENT PowerFactory, PowerWorld Simulator, Multimedia Programs (\(\LaTeX\), Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3D Max, photography, video/audio recording and editing). All these tools can be merged together to give high quality website with the proper ways to gather the necessary information for conducting the researches, quickly and easily.

·       A part of this website will express my personal profile.

It is huge and very ambitious plan. It has come-out from just an idea to the real world, and now it is continuously growing. Everyone can benefit from it; and at the same time, everyone can help me by sending any useful thing that needs to be published in this website. It will be much appreciated.

In some times, I could become fully busy! But, I will keep my focus to expand the website’s database and enhance its contents from time to time.

The 19th of Mar., 2015

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