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I. Mathematical Expression:

\displaystyle 0.15d_i \left[z_i-0.05 \ \text{sign}\left(z_i\right)\right]^2 & \text{ if } \left|x_i-z_i\right|<0.05 \\
d_ix^2_i & \text{ otherwise }


\(\bullet\) \(z_i=0.2\left \lfloor \left|\frac{x_i}{s_i}\right|+0.49999 \right \rfloor \text{sign}\left(x_i\right)\)

\(\bullet\) \(s_i=0.2 \ , d_i=[1, \ 1000, \ 10, \ 100]\)

\(\bullet\) \(-100\leq x_i\leq 100\) , \(i=1,2,3,4\)

\(\bullet\) \(f_{min}(X^*)=0\)

\(\bullet\) \(x^*_i=0\)

II. References:

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